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What is the MediDerm?
Facial Laser
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The MediDerm Laser is a direct treatment on the skin. The reaction for your skin is immediate. There are no pills or creams with questionable results.  No harmful chemicals or irritants, and no abbrasive substances. 
The MediDerm Laser is a patented skin rejuvenation process that can reduce wrinkles and skin imperfections while giving you a smoother, younger look.  Unlike any other laser treatment available, MediDerm utilizes and Erbium YAG patented laser system that delivers a customized beam of focused light energy to your skin.  This laser beam is designed for your face and will yield a controlled, precise Dry Peel with no blistering, no wounds, and virtually no pain and no downtime.
<--- Here we can see where the laser has caused "ashing" on the nose.  This shows us the dead skins cells that will slough off in a few days. Click to enlarge image.
The MediDerm results in the tightening of the skin and allows a new layer of skin to regenerate. 
The MediDerm can reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  The results give the newly exposed skin a more uniform texture and younger look.  The laser enters the skin and attacks years of dead skin build-up.  Collagen and your natural moisturizers form with new, healthy, skin cells.  The old, dry, dead skin on top sloughs off.  The experience is very much like a mild sunburn peeling. Fine lines and wrinkles fill in. Dry, ashy skin disappears. After about 7 - 10 days, you have a completely NEW layer skin! 
What are the benefits of a facial laser?
You can expect to see initial results right away!
The entire procedure takes less than one hour.  You'll experience a controlled, uniform dry face peel within 2-4 days after the MediDerm treatment. 
The MediDerm laser provides more visible results than a basic microdermabrasion or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).  It is more intense and penetrates deeper for exquisite results.  MediDerm is a true subablative laser which means it literally destroys old skin cells. This allows brand new, baby soft cells to emurge. Designed especially for your face, it yields a controlled uniform dry face peel. The effect of each treatment can last for months!
A treatment package of 3 facials done over 3 months can remove up to 10 years of build-up, damage and aging from your complexion.
No Harmful Chemicals
(as used in acid peels)
No Abrasion or Scratching
No Surgery
No Pills
No Creams
Seen here, is a beautiful woman of 60, who  just
completed her 3rd laser facial with me.
Some redness, mild swelling, and tightness occurs in the first 3 days. When the peeling begins, these symptoms dissipate.
Minimal pain and discomfort.  Individual results may vary.
The other device utilized by Divine Skin is the Thermo-Lo
Blemish and Lesion Removal Device
The Thermo-Lo is a device that operates on a radio frequency which creates heat.  This heat is sent down a wire to a stylus. At the tip of the stylus is a tiny needle that directs the heat to the exact area desired.  The needle is approximately the thickness of two human hairs.  The needle is NOT used to penetrate the skin.  It is ONLY used to direct heat by tapping on the surface of the skin.
By exposing blemishes and spider veins to heat with pin-point precision, the materials inside will coagulate and/or harden. The heat removes moisture through evaporation leaving only the solid materials. The body then goes to work absorbing the solids and the blemish disappears over time.
In cases of MILIA; cholesterol deposits, salt pearls and the like, (these are all forms of oils, fat, cholesterol becoming trapped under the skin & forming small to small bumps, sometimes whitish in color) when the heat is applied, the materials under the skin harden.  They can then be removed during treatment.
In cases of SPIDER VEINS, (the Thermo-Lo device is limited to small, fine, red spider veins as seen sometimes around the nose or cheeks) the vein is cauterized.  The blood in the vein coagulates and the body absorbs and heals it.
CHERRY HEMANGIOMAS (little red spots, which can be flat or raised) are treated with the same principals as with spider veins.
SKIN TAGS are attacked at their stalk.  The skin cells feeding the tag and holding to your body are killed with the directional heat.  The tag shrivels up and falls off in a day or two.
In cases of SUN-SPOTS/AGE SPOTS, & FRECKLES; A criss-crossing motion is performed with the Thermo-Lo needle, on the surface of the spot.  The cells containing the hyper pigmentation are killed, and new cells, containing the original pigment of your skin, regenerate.  In some cases, the spot sloughs during treatment.  In some cases, the spot disappears in a few days to a couple of weeks.  If spots are a result of hormonal changes in the body, they may reoccur.
With all treatment types, there is some swelling and redness. Pain is usually minimal if it is felt at all. 
Completely non-invasive, with minimal pain and discomfort.  And just think, spots and blemishes, skin issues you’ve had for years, GONE in a matter of days!  Individual results may vary.
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