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Will we ever look 25 again? or 35? or 45? Time marches on, and it is relentless on our skin. Years of stress, sun exposure, toxin build-up, as well as changes in hormones, adipose (fatty) tissue, and skin elasticity all contribute to signs of aging. Not to mention our genetic inheritances. There are things that can't be changed. But fear not! There are MANY things we CAN do to combat the effects of age on our skin. We can detox, we can combat damage caused by sun exposure and free radicals. We can tighten and tone sagging skin and reduce wrinkles. While we will never be 25 again, we can keep our skin healthy, plump, tight and radiant. If we must age, and age we must, then we will do it looking fabulous!


Let's Plump You Up!

Collagen makes up 75% of our skin and provides tone, smooth texture and resiliency. It binds our skin together giving it that plump, softness we love! The collagen products I use are from bio-marine sources and are formulated to be molecularly small enough to be absorbed into your skin, and won't just sit on the surface! You will see a difference almost immediately, and the results will last for about 6-7 days. Regular treatments = long lasting results.

A La Carte Collagen Fleece Mask

- $25

A quick cleanse & mask application with firming moisturizer.

Collagen Mask Facial

- $45

Includes steam, cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, specialized lifting serum, pure bio-marine Collagen fleece mask with firming moisturizer and light facial massage.

Ultrasonic Skin Tightening with Collagen

Includes cleanse, enzyme exfoliation,  specialized lifting serum collagen-fleece mask, and an Ultrasound treatment over-top of the mask for enhanced collagen absorption, along with all the benefits of an ultrasound treatment (skin tightening, increased circulation, rejuvenation, accelerated skin cell metabolism, stimulation of natural collagen and elastin production). We finish with a facial massage and customized peptide cocktail.

Eyes only ~ $30

Face (includes eyes) ~ $65

Neck ~ $30

Decollete (upper chest) ~ $30

Combo of all Package ~ $95


Ultrasound is known for its effectiveness in combating the signs of aging. It is an excellent tool for treating sagging skin, crepe skin, fine lines, mild winkles, as well as inspiring collagen formation and strengthening elastin. As with most anti-aging treatments, results occur with regular treatment. A course of 8 weekly treatments should be followed, with results lasting up to a year. Every one is different, so results vary. After your treatment plan, I recommend maintenance every few months to keep that collagen flowing! Ultrasound is also good for healing redness & swelling, detoxifying, and increasing circulation.

Ultrasound treatments include cleanse, lifting serums, and a firming moisturizer.

Face (includes eyes) ~ $55

Eyes only ~ $25

Neck ~ $25

Decollete ~ $25

Combo of all Package ~ $85

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