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Chemical Peels

It's all about Radiance!

All the Chemicals used in our peels are dirived from nature. Each peel has different grades of depth, and each chemical treats different issues. Mostly they help with uneven texture, fine line reduction, enlarged follicles, and skin rejuvenation. If you’ve never had a chemical peel before, a free consultation is needed before your peel to discuss your skin type, condition, and result goals. All chemical peels begin with a light, personalized cleanse and preparatory chemical peel solution. Dermal cooling is available with a cooling device, or fan, or a cold pack.

   *All chemical peels can be utilized in a series, which is recommended for best results. A series usually consists of 3-6 peels.

Choose Location and Depth

  • Face, Light ~ $25
  • Neck, Light  ~ $15
  • Decollete, Light ~ $25
  • Medium to deep treatments add $10-$20
  • Spot treatments ~ $10 base fee + $1 a minute

Choose Your Peel

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid comes from sugar cane. It’s a natural exfoliant that dissolves the “glue” between skin cells and allows old cells to slough away. This allows the younger, newer, firmer cells to emerge, giving you a radiant glow!

   *Recommended for most skin types. A gentle peel to help slough old, dead skin.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is usually derived from Willow Bark. It is the primary ingredient in Aspirin. If you have an Aspirin allergy, this is NOT the peel for you! Salicylic acid sinks deep into follicles, and is lipophilic, (oil soluble). This results in deep cleansing and helps unplug follicles, releasing the clogging substances which can cause acne and congested skin. Sloughing from this peel is minimal and is ideal for acneic skin.

   *Recommended for oily and acneic skin. Doesn’t result in a big peel, but some sloughing can occur.

!!! I cannot perform this peel

if you have an Aspirin allergy !!!


Combination of Glycolic & Salicylic acids with Recorcinol. Good for anti-aging, hyper-pigmentation, & combination skin. light to mild peel.

The Rejuvenating TCA

TCA, or Trichloracitic acid is a more intense experience and recommended for many skin issues. It can be used very lightly to encourage a gentle peel, or more aggressively for deeper treatments. Because it is more intense, it can be very effective in diminishing fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, and aging skin. It can be used to resurface the skin and refresh it with entirely new skin cells. Some down-time may apply.

*Recommended for anti-aging, line reduction, acne scarring & hyper-pigmentation. Most intense chemical peel.

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