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Your skin is so soft!

I use the Sylvan Diamond Tip, Microdermabrasion machine. No micro-crystals or toxic substances to inhale! The Sylvan Diamond Tip microdermabrasion machine uses an exfoliating tip with vacuum suction for a non-invasive, effective, and comfortable scrub. Eliminating dead skin cells encourages cellular regeneration. With the old cells gone, younger cells are at the surface now. They are softer and more readily absorb products. Encouraging cellular regeneration also helps diminish hyper-pigmentational scarring, and smoothes out texture. **Note: we cannot perform Microdermabrasion on areas with broken skin, active acne, or lots of hair.**

Microderm Facials

Basic30 Min - $45

Start with a cleanse which is personalized for your skin type, then the microdermabrasion. We follow this with a moisturizing peptide cocktail & hyaluronic acid for maximum nourishment and hydration. We finish up with a light facial massage.

Add your neck for only $15

Add your décolleté (upper chest) for only $15

Enzyme Micro30 Min - $50

After the cleanse, a fruit-enzyme mask or serum is applied for 10 minutes which eats and loosens dead skin, enhancing the microderm. Then enjoy a customized peptide moisturizer cocktail and light facial massage.

Add your neck for only $15

Add your décolleté for only $15

Microdermabrasion Backcial

 - $65

Want soft skin while combatting clogged follicles? I got your back! Nothing smoothes out rough skin like Microdermabrasion! Treat yourself to an exfoliation that leaves your skin baby soft. We can end there, with a moisturizer and back massage, or you can add a clay mask for the ultimate, detoxifying back treatment! (add $25)

A La Carte Microdermabrasion

I offer A La Carte services to save you time and money. The reason they are faster and cheaper is because they don't include the personalized moisturizer cocktails I make, or any massages. But I'd NEVER leave you high and dry! I'll cleanse your skin, microderm you, and slather on a fabulous moisturizer or hyaluronic acid mask.

  • Face ~ $35
  • Neck ~ $20
  • Décolleté ~ $20
  • Back ~ $40
  • Chest ~ $35
  • Belly ~ $30
  • Shoulders ~ $15
  • Arms, upper or lower ~ $25
  • Arms, full ~ $45
  • Legs, upper or lower ~ $45
  • Legs, full ~ $75
  • Buns ~ $25

Yes, I can microderm you anywhere you have skin!

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